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What is Dual Credit?

There are a number of Dual Credit opportunities available to students in the Limestone District School Board each semester.


These courses are provided at St. Lawrence College in Kingston.

A variety of courses in disciplines such as early childhood education, police foundations, graphic design, culinary arts and business, and trades are among the possibilities. 

Dual Credits provide students with the opportunity to:

  • Earn high school credits while studying at a local college or taking apprenticeship training;

  • Gain experience that will help them with their post-secondary education or apprenticeship; and

  • Get a head start on learning and training for their future careers.

Integrated Dual Credits

Congregated Dual Credits

Students go to the college once or twice per week and take a college course along with other college students.

The Congregated Dual Credit program provides students with an opportunity to take a college course in a college setting with other high school students taught by a college instructor.


Earn 2 Credits!






Students gain exposure to college programs which will allow them to make more informed decisions regarding their post-secondary destination

Students can earn a college credit and a secondary school credit

Tuition, books and transportation costs will be paid by the School College Work Initiative

Students will have the opportunity to experience campus life and learn at the college level and a Limestone District School Board dual credit teacher is at the college to monitor students and assist them in being successful in their courses.

For more information about the Dual Credit Program including what programs are being offered each semester, visit the St. Lawrence College website, Loyalist College Website  or contact your school Guidance Department.


Meet the Dual Credit and SWAC Instructors

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