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Emergency Response

Health & Wellness

The Emergency Response Focus Program is a Health and Wellness SHSM Dual Credit Program that provides all certifications required to achieve SHSM status, while providing the students an immersive experience in the E.M.S. field.

Students gain 4 high school credits and one first year college credit, as well as hands on experience in first aid.

Students have the opportunity to further their certification with a Red Cross First Responder BLS certification which is a prerequisite for many post secondary

Students will have the opportunity to meet many guest speakers who are professionals in the EMS fields and, in most cases, former students of the program.

Training at the Kingston Fire training grounds, and St. Lawrence Brockville campus are just a few of the opportunities opened to students in the program with the many fieldtrips and tours that we participate throughout the semester.

We have also participated in assisting the hospitals and nursing homes gain their fire certification by participating in yearly Egresses, as well as mass casualty simulations in hospital, and active shooter with the police. These activities as well as acting as Medics at community events allow students to get hours towards their 40 hour volunteer graduation requirement.


La Salle Intermediate & Secondary School


(613) 546-1737

773 15, Kingston, ON K7L 5H6

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Potential Occupations

Health Care, Nursing, PSW, Paramedic, Policing, Firefighting, Corrections, Coast Guard, Canadian
Border Services, Military Med Tech, SAR-Tech
Please note the above list reflects actual jobs presently held by former students from the course
who credit The Emergency Response Program for their ability to pursue these jobs. It is not in any
way exhaustive

Browse some great photos from our program!

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