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Thu, Feb 29


St. Lawrence College

Skills Competition 2024 (Elementary) - LEGO Robotics Challenge

This challenge is offered for Limestone schools to showcase the talents of their students in building and programming with LEGO robotics materials. The format for this year’s event will be a robotics challenge featuring LEGO Mindstorms NXT, EV3, or SPIKE Prime, and LEGO licensed software.

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Skills Competition 2024 (Elementary) - LEGO Robotics Challenge
Skills Competition 2024 (Elementary) - LEGO Robotics Challenge

Time & Location

Feb 29, 2024, 9:45 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. EST

St. Lawrence College, 100 Portsmouth Ave, Kingston, ON K7L 5A6, Canada


Maximum Participants Gr. 4-6: 10

Maximum Participants Gr. 7/8: 10

9:45am - 12:00pm        Competition

12:00pm - 12:30pm   Lunch

12:30pm - 1:30pm        Competition

1:30pm - 2:00pm          Awards


a. Purpose of the Contest

This challenge is offered for Limestone schools to showcase the talents of their students

in building and programming with LEGO robotics materials. The format for this year’s

event will be a robotics challenge featuring LEGO Mindstorms NXT, EV3, or SPIKE Prime,

and LEGO licensed software.

Teams will feature 4 students representing their school who will collaborate and

innovate as they modify a design to their robot to solve a series of challenges.

The challenge this year will be:

i. Autonomous Programming

Teams will be expected to demonstrate their innovative programming skills

through dead reckoning and sensory input as they work through a timed series of

challenges. Teams may be required to push and pull items, accurately manoeuvre

a robot around obstacles, detect colours, and lift items from one level to another.

ii. Learning Skills

Teams will be observed and evaluated through key Learning Skills associated with

effective teamwork and problem-solving.

b. LEGO Robotics 4-6/7-8 

Competition Chair: Patrick Large

Any questions regarding this scope should be directed to the Chair.


The LEGO Robotics Challenge will have a rubric scoring system. Overall team score will be the

sum of the points awarded for each of the components. Points are awarded as the robot

successfully meets/completes certain performance criteria. Performance criteria are structured

so as to provide a range of tasks from easy to complex for each category.

Teams are expected to demonstrate:

a. Responsibility by following their match schedule and neatly assembling a successful solution to the challenge within the time constraints.

b. Organization by maintaining a safe and clean workspace, being mindful of their surroundings.

c. Initiative by assisting their fellow teammates during collaborative opportunities, and through an efficient use of materials.

d. Self-Regulation through resiliency and positive-talk, and following safe working practices.

e. Collaboration when determining team strategies and collectively problem-solving, as well as modelling a fair and equitable distribution of tasks.

f. Independent Work by demonstrating mathematical, scientific and technological knowledge, and sound design, construction and programming principles. The collaborative nature of this challenge does not provide an opportunity for each individual team member to demonstrate independent work as an individual trait, therefore Independent Work will consider the entire Team as an individual.


Match Score: /80

Teamwork & Enthusiasm: /20

a. Quality of Design Process and Programming - (i.e. clear development method; understanding of programming) 0-6 points

b. Level of Collaboration (i.e. all members contributing; members discuss and listen to each other) 0-6 points

c. Level of Enthusiasm (i.e. team spirit and enthusiasm are evident) 0-8 points

There can be no ties – if the score is even after the contest, the Match Score portion will

be used as the tie breaker.


Supplied by Participating Team:

a. SPIKE Prime set, EV3 set, NXT set (including ‘brick,’ motors, connecting cables, sensors)

b. Laptop or Tablet/iPad enabling teams to design, edit and download programs; there will not be additional devices available to borrow

c. LEGO licensed software (All software must be able to successfully operate without internet access.)

d. Additional batteries, charging cables, USB connection cables

e. Additional stock LEGO as desired


• IR Remotes and Bluetooth devices to control the robot are not authorized to be used at anytime during the Challenge. Teams will not be allowed to remotely control robots. Robots are expected to be under autonomous control.

• Robots may be engineered to include up to 4 motors. The size/strength of the motor(s) is at the team’s discretion.

• Teams should arrive with a working drive train, attached sensors, and additional pieces to build attachments.

• Each team member should be intimately familiar with the connection process using either USB and/or a Bluetooth device. Teams will be expected to be able to troubleshoot pairing and brick difficulties on their own without adult intervention. Officials will assist teams at the discretion of the Chair to encourage participation, however the Chair will not adjust match schedules in the event of pairing complications.

• Teams should be charging all of their equipment between rounds.

• IMPORTANT For wireless downloading, it is important that teams give their robot a unique name other than EV3 to prevent accidental connections from other teams during the challenge time period.

Supplied by Limestone Skills:

a. Playing surface for each challenge, complete with objects

b. Critical equipment and materials for all relevant challenges

The details of the LEGO Robotics Challenge will be released on the day of the Limestone Skills Competition. Teams will be provided rubrics/scoring sheets that explain exactly how to earn up to 80 points. Teams will be give as much access as possible to all Challenge boards during the day when official matches are not being run.


Safety is a priority at the Limestone Skills Competition. At the discretion of the Chair, any competitor can be removed from the competition site for not having the proper safety equipment and/or not acting in a safe manner.

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