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What is OYAP?

OYAP is a specialized program in high school that allows you to explore apprenticeship and consider careers in the skilled trades, generally starting in Grade 11 or Grade 12 through the cooperative education program.

Auto Body Repairer, Chef, Special Events Coordinator, Heavy Equipment Operator, Blacksmith and Industrial Electrician are only a few examples of apprenticeship trades available to you.


10 Months On The Job Training

2 Months In Class


Paid postsecondary education to learn a skilled trade combining on-the-job and in-class training. With OYAP you can try an apprenticeship in high school.

Make Up To

Yearly grants from $1000!

Get a Jump Start:

  • 85% of tuition fees paid by the ministry

  • 10 months paid by the employer

  • 2 months paid during in-class

  • Yearly grants from $1000

Over 140 +


A Skilled Trade for Everyone:

OYAP allows you to explore and find the right career for you. And if you discover you want to change direction you can, because many skills are transferable.

You can also jump start your career by counting your co-op/OYAP hours towards your apprenticeship!

Visit student services or the cooperative education teacher in your school to learn more!


Top 5 reasons to Choose Apprenticeship

Graduate Without Debt

Get Paid To Learn

High Job Security

Transferable skills

Rewarding Work

How To Apply

Contact Your Local Recruiter!
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