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Limestone/Ontario Skills 2024

Thank you for Competing!

 For more information on the Skills Ontario  Competitions please see:


St Lawrence College, Bayridge and NDSS


February 29, 2024

Learn how you can start your journey as a competitor in your chosen trade and technology skill area at the local level and beyond.

Skills Canada and its Member Organizations in each of the 13 provinces and territories work with employers, educators, labour groups and governments to promote skilled trade and technology careers to Canadian youth. This is done through a variety of programming and competitions each year, all with the goal of providing hands on, informative, interesting and educational information to youth.

The Skills Ontario Competition offers a unique opportunity for top students to demonstrate that they are the best in their field. Over three days, student competitors impress their educators, family, friends, and prospective employers. Winners are awarded with Gold, Silver, or Bronze medals and the opportunity to compete at the Skills Canada National Competition. From there, competitors could be headed to the WorldSkills Competition.

Some medalists receive monetary awards as well.

No upcoming events at the moment
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