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SHSM Programs

Hair salon’s, spas, hair retail suppliers, long term care facilities, home salons, theatre productions, 

Academy of Hair Program

The Academy of Hair program is an SHSM program designed to foster a successful and long-lasting career in the field of hair styling and colour application.

Arts & Culture at BSS

Welcome to the Arts & Culture Program at BSS.

Arts & Culture at ESS

Students can choose to experience three different areas within the Arts: Drama, Music and Visual Art.

Arts & Culture at SHS

Sydenham High School offers many curricular and extracurricular opportunities that prepare students for a career, or further education in the arts. Courses are available in instrumental and vocal music, drama, visual art, dance, photography, and digital design.

A & C Painting murals or doors in the school, Painting sets for plays, peer tutoring an arts class, 
Peer tutoring a class, performing in community theatre, working in pit band for show, organizing Arts 
Banquet, working with school to community students, stage manager, organizing and/or performing 
in school Assemblies , summer camps for the arts
Working at cinema, working in clothing store, taking school pictures for yearbook,

Arts and Culture at FSS

We offer multiple opportunities for Arts courses in Drama, Visual Art, Photography,
Music, and Technology based courses.

Agnes Etherington Gallery, Tri Art, Radio stations, the Grand Theatre, Joe’s Mill, Isabel Bader Centre, 
Tett Centre, Blue Canoe, Arts Camps, Juvenis Festival, 1000 Island Playhouse, 4 Cats Art Studio, Long 
and McQuade, Soundworks, Blackdog Pottery

Arts and Culture at KSS

The SHSM A&C Program at KSS provides KSS students with multi-disciplinary opportunities across the

Arts and Culture at LCVI

With a wealth of passionate
staff providing a variety of arts-based courses, focus programs and extra-curricular opportunities,
young artists have opportunities to explore the world through a creative lens.

Arts and Culture at NDSS

NDSS offers a broad selection of Arts and Culture credits for students to experience

Bayridge Computer Science Program (BCSP)

Students will cover the following topics:

Computer Programming
Computer Networking
Computer Hardware
Artificial Intelligence
Websites and Databases

& More!

Building Construction Internship Program

The Building Construction Internship Program, BCIP, offers students authentic site experience in
completing a new construction project.

Construction at FSS

Several shops and teachers that accommodate many aspects of construction. For example, Construction, Plumbing, Cabinet Making, Automotive and Technical Design.

Construction at KSS

Program Information Coming Soon...

- Anchor concrete
- Rigney Building Supply
- Local masons affiliated with the Ontario Masonry Centre
-Local builders, renovation companies, local lumber retailers etc.

Construction at LCVI

The Specialist High Skills Major program in Construction gives students an opportunity to
specialize, gain qualifications, and plan a career pathway in various areas of the Construction
industry while still in high school.

Construction at NAEC

North Addington’s SHSM in Construction is unique to our small setting, but nothing is small
about our workshops and graduates.

Aramark – Queens University Food Services
Black Dog Hospitality 
Seed to Sausage
Lionhearts Inc.

Cooks Internship

Cooks Internship SHSM Focus
This Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) program has been designed to give students the required
skills and experiences needed to be successful in the hospitality/culinary industry.

Creative Arts at LCVI

Creative Arts is a SHSM portfolio building opportunity available to senior students considering a
career in fine arts or design which includes certifications and courses in life drawing, sewing/fashion
studies, encaustic painting, oil painting, canvas building, and many more!

Gould Lake in Summer Programs
Little Cataraqui Conservation Programs
Miller Museum at Queen’s University 
Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre
McDonald Institute Visitor Centre – Astrophysics at Queen’s University
Queen’s Observatory at Ellis Hall – Queen’s University
Martha’s Table (or other local charities – linking to local food issues)
Local Garden Projects: Robinson Community Garden, Patchwork Gardens
Local Harvest Garden – through Culinary at BSS
PEARL Lab at Queen’s University
Queen’s University Biological Station – Elbow Lake
CanGeo Giant Travelling Maps Education Programs

Environment at BSS

Bayridge Secondary School is very proud of its focus on Environmental issues. Staff
and students have worked together to become a highly respected leader in the field of
Environmental studies and initiatives that make a difference locally and globally.

Food Processing at KSS

KSS offers the Food Processing SHSM program and offers a variety of courses at the
workplace, apprenticeship, college and university level.
We have an industrial kitchen, an Indigenous food garden and close-proximity to the community gardens.

Local logging companies/contractors
Arborist companies

Forestry at GREC

As the only Forestry program in LDSB, we are unique by design but then when you add in the
beautiful setting of our site, it solidifies our unique nature.

Health & Wellness at LaSalle

All La Salle students interested in health and wellness could benefit from the SHSM program. La Salle continues to have a high success rate in this enrichment program, and we encourage students to reach out to Student Services to get more information.

H & W – peer tutoring a P E class, Organizing events (Gr 9 Orientation, Gr 8 Day, Intramurals,)
Working at a summer camp, working at health food store, coaching for younger students, refereeing a 
sport, working at a gym, working at a golf course or recreation center

Health and Wellness at FSS

Health and Wellness: Our SHSM Health and Wellness is a very strong program that has a high
graduation success rate. We offer multiple opportunities for Physical Education, Math( and Science
based courses.

Local companies
Local gyms

Health and Wellness at GREC

Health and Wellness is an SHSM program where students can choose their focus by the type of major
credits they select.

Health and Wellness at LCVI (General)

At L.C.V.I. we are very fortunate to be able to offer the Health and Wellness SHSM in two ways: Via
our 2-year OYAP Academy of Hair Program, where you earn all the components of the SHSM within
the program, and through our regular programming where you can customize your experience.

Various local bakeries, including Bread & Butter and Toast & Jam

Hospitality and Tourism at BSS

We offer the Hospitality & Tourism SHSM in our state of the art commercial kitchen, equipped with industrial equipment found in the restaurant/hotel industry.

Hospitality and Tourism at SHS

a unique combination of classroom and cafeteria experience in our very own Eagles Nest Cafe. Students will acquire and demonstrate skills in safe operation of industry equipment, food handling, safety sanitation, menu creation, food sales, cash handling and growing some of their own produce with hydroponic growing towers.

Independent Computer Studies at ESS

The ICT SHSM program offered at Ernestown Secondary School provides students in grades
11 and 12 with learning opportunities related to the dynamic and expanding information
technology economic sector.

Information and Communications Technology at NAEC

Program Information Coming Soon...

Manufacturing at LaSalle

Manufacturing at SHS

Program Information Coming Soon...

There is a coop built into the program.

Radio Broadcasting at 91.9 The Cave

Welcome to the home of The Cave. We are broadcasting on 91.9 FM to the
downtown Kingston area. The Cave, or CKVI Educational Radio, is a high school
SHSM program operating out of Kingston Secondary School.

Kingston Film Office
Co-Op placements with the Kingston Film Office will include a wide range of experiences for 
students. These may include working on sets for big budget productions that are coming to 
Kingston. Star Trek, Locke and Key, Crimson Tide were just the beginning of big budget films 
that are being brought to Kingston. But the Kingston Film Office also has connections with 
Kingston Canadian Film Festival (KCFF), Cogeco, and several local independent film 
companies in Kingston.
Mickayla Pyke Media
We have been blessed to have an educational and professional relationship with Mickayla 
Pyke Media. They are mentors and have provided expertise and guidance in film production 
for our students. This includes private screenings of their films with candid directorial notes 
as well as production techniques involved with the films. We are in the process of building an 
apprenticeship program, where our students will have the opportunity to work side-by-side 
with professional film makers. 
Community Films 
Co-Op hours can be fleshed out by building a series of community-based film projects that 
students will run out of Studio LC. This will include Meta-Cognitive films about the experience 
of learning within SHSM and Arts and Culture that can be used as promotion and information 
about SHSM and Learning in Limestone. 
Students can also earn Co-Op hours for making films for community art groups and for local 
artists and festivals. Existing connections Include the Skeleton Park Arts Festival, Wolfe 
Island Records, North of Princess Studios, and Tom Savage. 
Film Makers: We have connections to film makers (alumni) who are going to be in 
production in the Kingston area from May until September. They are the writers, directors, 
cinematographers, and editors of the feature length film called Fine China 
( ), and they are and are excited by the prospect 
of having some of our 2nd year Studio students get Co-Op hours working on their second 
feature length film.

Studio LC

Studio LC is a rich place for young people to grow grit and gratitude. The feedback we
receive from students and parents is overwhelmingly positive. We have built an innovative
and rich space for students to express themselves and learn both the hard and soft skills that
ready them for their future.

Transportation at ESS

Program Information Coming Soon...

Transportation at NAEC

Program Information Coming Soon...


Transportation at NDSS

The SHSM transportation program at NDSS is unique in our Board due to the fact that
our facility has the ability to deliver all facets of the transportation technology
curriculum. Our facility has Auto Service, Auto Body with full spray booth, Small
engines lab, and have recently added a Heavy equipment lab and programming.

Transportation at SHS

Program Information Coming Soon...

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