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Arts and Culture at KSS

Arts & Culture

The SHSM A&C Program at KSS provides KSS students with multi-disciplinary opportunities across the arts.

Students will explore and gain skills that will allow them to express their creativity with a variety of performance and studio-based workshops in our fresh new arts spaces (2 music rooms, black box theatre, 3 specialized arts studios, media studies area, and 3 state of the art technology workshops)

Kingston Secondary School


(613) 544-4811

145 Kirkpatrick St, Kingston, ON K7K 2P4

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Potential Occupations

Any occupations that are arts/culture based- musician, actor, director, writer, film critic, freelance
artist, architect, photojournalist, teacher, sound and film production, film industry (cinematographer),
fashion design, graphic design, advertising, professional photographer, urban planner, interior design,
animation, web designer, applied arts (furniture design), luthier, art and music therapy, art

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