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Arts and Culture at NDSS

Arts & Culture
Marcy Satnik

Marcy Satnik

NDSS offers a broad selection of Arts and Culture credits for students to experience. A few of the courses are unique to our school.

NDSS offers the fashion arts courses at both the grade 11 and grade 12 level. We also offer a “Music for Creating” credit that focuses on writing and recording original music in a collaborative setting.

Students have the opportunity to explore industry level programs and
equipment to complete their recordings.

Napanee District Secondary School


(613) 354-3381

245 Belleville Rd, Napanee, ON K7R 3M7

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Potential Occupations

Actress, Actor, Comedian, Broadcaster, Dancer, Music/Art Therapist, Musician,
Performer, Musical Theatre Performer, Composer, Conductor, Producer, Events
coordinator. Digital Video Production, Media Arts, Creative Advertising, Illustrator,
Architect, Interior Design, Animation, Digital Animation, Photographer, Sculptor,
Painter, Decorator, Film Processor, Audio/Video Production, Audio/Video Production,
Stage Technician, Sound Technician, Make-up Designer, Lighting and Sound
Production, Set Design & Construction

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