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Bayridge Computer Science Program (BCSP)

Information & Communications Tech
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This SHSM would be extremely valuable for any students with a strong interest in Information Technology. Students will cover the following topics:

Computer Programming

Students would learn computer programming in various forms. One form of programming they would learn would be web design where they would learn HTML/CSS/JS to create websites. Ultimately, the students would connect with non-profit organizations in the community (i.e. charities, volunteer-based organizations) to create a website for them.

Computer Hardware

Also, students would learn about and do a certification on computer hardware so that they could understand the foundations of how computer systems work. They would learn to identify computer parts, understand what each component does and ultimately build entire systems. It is possible that these finished computer systems could be donated to people in need.

Computer Networking

They would also learn about and do a certification on computer networking where they would learn how to secure a wireless network, how the Internet works and so on. There are many programs, at both the college and university levels, that focus on computer networking and it is a skilled trade that is in demand right now. Students would also be able to compete in Skills Ontario competitions in Networking.

Artificial Intelligence

In addition, there will be a focus on artificial intelligence, which is a rapidly growing field in the world of technology. Students will learn how AI is changing the world, how it works and focus on machine learning. Students would take a field trip to Queen’s to see Dr. Josh Marshall (People - Joshua Marshall) who works in the field of AI and learn about the Internet of Things.


Students would also get some background and do a certification in cybersecurity – a field that is severely lacking in trained professionals. There are courses online that are excellent for high school students and we would look to get some industry professionals (i.e. in to talk to students about the field and opportunities therein.

Websites and Databases

Students would be exposed to databases and learn how to use them in conjunction with websites. They would learn how to create, populate, maintain and query databases using industry standards like mySQL, PHP, SQL. They would learn how to create websites that pull data from these databases and take user input and put it into databases. This structure is the foundation of how Internet websites function. Students would work with people in the community who need websites and create something specifically for them. In fact, we already have a student doing a co-op building a web-enabled database (more later on this).


Lastly, students would be exposed to Linux and Unix programming - a very specialized skill in the ICT world. Linux is a special operating system used for its stability and security and with proper knowledge, students can create web servers, databases and more. It is possible to plan field trips to places in our community where there are people who work with Unix and Linux on a daily basis.

In addition, students will learn to combine their computer-based skills in other courses through CLAs and they will have the opportunity to pass on their knowledge by doing outreach work with our feeder schools (which are within walking distance).

Potential Occupations

System Administrator, Website Design & Management, Cybersecurity Expert & More!

Bayridge Secondary School


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