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Forestry at GREC

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As the only Forestry program in LDSB, we are unique by design but then when you add in the beautiful setting of our site, it solidifies our unique nature.

Our Forestry program is not just about trees, it is about sustainability, green industries and technology. The program operates in second semester where our students register for four major credits. This allows us the opportunity to complete our certifications as a group in the first year and to work with our community partners on a weekly basis.

We work within our school and in our community to provide services and education,
such as cutting, planting, mapping and identification. Our Forestry students have been instrumental in our community garden providing fresh produce for our food bank.

Because of our reputation and quality experience, local businesses, organizations and residential members have contacted us to provide services thereby strengthening our community and our sense of Gryphon pride and GRIT.

We have a very high success rate and a number of our Forestry students have gained the skills required to obtain summer employment, acceptance in their desired post-secondary program and gained full-time employment.

Our Forestry students literally and figuratively achieve great heights!!


Elizabeth Steele-Drew

Potential Occupations

As careers are evolving along with our program, it is better to recognize the cluster of careers for all
pathways for which this program would provide a foundation. Our Forestry program is not just about
trees, it involves green sustainable industries and our drone program.
Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
Architecture and Construction
Hospitality and Tourism
Trades and Technology

Granite Ridge Education Centre


(613) 279-2131

14432 Rd. 38, Sharbot Lake, ON K0H 2P0

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