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Health and Wellness at GREC

Health & Wellness
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Health and Wellness is an SHSM program where students can choose their focus by the type of major credits they select. Students selecting more science and physical education courses would focus on health care or fitness while students selecting more social science courses would focus more on family services and child care.

We are fortunate to have many community partners who provide opportunities for students to learn in various settings and practice the skills we have learned in class,
and developed through the certifications such as leadership, communication and teamwork. Being a K-12 site also provides opportunities to practice skills in our own building.

We have a very high success rate and a number of our graduates have earned recognition and experienced great success as they purse their desired post-secondary program and employment.


Elizabeth Steele-Drew

Potential Occupations

- Business, Management and Administration
- Education and Training
- Health Science
- Human Services and Counselling
- Law, Public Safety
- Corrections and Security
Marketing Sales and Services
- Science and Technology
- Teacher
- Physiotherapist
- Athletic Therapist

& More!

Granite Ridge Education Centre


(613) 279-2131

14432 Rd. 38, Sharbot Lake, ON K0H 2P0

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